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Improve and automate JIRA by working with dynamic custom field data from your own datasources

Add your Datasources

Add or update unlimited datasources for MySQL, PostgreSQL, OracleSQL and MSSQL databases.

Reuse other elements directly in your SQL-Queries

Create dynamic custom field values by reusing other element's values like custom fields, reporters, assignees etc. directly in your SQL-Queries. Additionaly, retrieve the customfield-id by it`s name.

Store the result in the specified custom field

Store data from different datasources in several custom fields, based on easy SQL-Queries and view the result in the corresponding issues.

Got to the documentation for version 1.0.0 

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  1. Anonymous

    it is impossible to see the purpose or an example how results of an sql query will be usefull in an issue

  2. Anonymous

    name of customer from sql query is not used in issue.

    what happens if there are more results (columns and rows) in a result - can i select one or multiple entries, are these entries identified by id but displayed with decsription (second column) ?

  3. Hello,

    There are many use cases where Live Sql Customfield could be useful. Let's take the example of internal and external Projects in a Company. We can query a Database which has Project data, and show in the Customfield if the Project is Internal or External. Another Live Sql Customfield example would be to show an entire database table with related data.

    If there are more than one row or one column, the Live Sql Customfield does display the table as a whole. It is not possible to select one or multiple entries, but as this feature is frequently asked, will be considered in the next release.

    Best Regards,
    Lulzim Bulica